ReVamp Boutique

Make your lost treasures look beautiful and individual in its new lease of life!

Embellishment neckline detail
Embellishment neckline detail
Embellished upcycled evening dress
Embellished upcycled evening dress
Handmade Wrist corsage and matching Hair/Bag corsage
Colour inspiration from your wardrobe
Handmade glass buttons
Recycled jewels for a garden chandelier
Coin embellished brass candlestick
Seasonal Love hand made bunting made from linen
Upcycled evening leather fringe bag with pearl detail

Our 15 years design experience of creating Inspiring interiors, we can draw layout and lighting plans, choose furniture and accessories to complete our schemes from quirky to individual. Please contact us for more details. We can offer schemes for any budget.

Reborn - Revamped