Collection: Sophie James Decor Paint

Revamp Boutique are official stockists of Sophie James Decor Paint. You can view and purchase their specialist, sustainable products from us at our workshop or online.

How we met Sophie James Paints

In September 2021, Tony Cheeld contacted ReVamp Boutique introducing himself and his Essex based company called Sophie James Paints.

He told us about his background of Lexpol, a company him and his wife Sara had formed 30 years ago to formulate paints for architectural applications like concrete roof tiles, slates, finials and balustrades. They produced paints for difficult to access areas where regular maintenance was an issue.

He went on to tell me how a few years ago his daughter, Sophie, had asked him to create some colours that she could use for shabby chic style of painting. With Lexpol’s hardwearing tough paint formulas she found the paints had great colours but when she tried finish her furniture in  ‘shabby chic’ style,  the paint was so robust it just wouldn’t come off! We became intrigued with these new Sophie James Decor products.

Previously we had been using satin water based products, like Dulux and Johnstones, but had a very open mind to try others.

Tony explained that all his products were water based, sustainably friendly (with only a VOC of 10g per 1 litre) and with specifications of self-priming, a built in wax with a brush less finish.

Our next meeting was a very exciting one! Tony came to our painting workshop with his daughter Sophie and they showed us the range of colours on ‘brush outs’ ( These are A5 size paper with the colour painted on them)

He was eager to find out what colour ranges we used and what our customers are asking for.

We went on to work together to create some tones of Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire and Blackest Black that had rich tones which are amazing and very popular with our workshop students. We found this small family business friendly, helpful and efficient. It was also lovely that we could support a local company to supply us with paints too.

Initially we tried a few colours on sample boards testing the viscosity (thickness) of the paint and its coverage. It stood by its claims to cover 12 m2 per litre per coat with excellent coverage when we painted our workshop doors in Bay Blue!  (I found the colour stuck to my fingernails and was very stubborn to get off I suppose the application would be similar to glass!)

Why we love Sophie James Décor Paint and where we use it

We found it very economical and easy to use with self-levelling properties and loved its fresh odour.  We were amazed with the coverage and loved the fact the colours were all compatible and could be blended to create our own unique shades. As its durable for exterior applications we even painted our ReVamp Boutique logo, colour mixing where necessary, Tony even produced our own ReVampire Red hue ( like what you did there Tony!) 

The colour range and how we using it at workshops

We love the range of colours Sophie James Paints have created, from some beautiful subtle neutrals of Ufton Grey to bolder hues like Plumage and Neptune Blue, all with the importance of how colours make you feel in the space and named after their family memories.

We are pleased to say we are working together continuously with Tony to create finishes and paints that complement our designs and show casing them at Grand Designs Live in May this year.

We now stock the whole colour range in 100ml sizes that are included in the price of our workshops ( Yes!! there is actually enough to cover a small piece of furniture!) and we can supply you with sophie James Paints at our workshop with no delivery charge.

Some of the strong colours need only 1 or 2 coats ( As our doors in Bay blue!) The range also others some hybrid ‘Poly Chromatic Colours’ that are fantastic on their own or used as a top coat.

They also have a range of varnishes and we have collaborated with them to make a Decoupage Varnish which is suitable for finishing paper and fabric decoupage. We love the fact that once you’ve painted your piece of furniture and used the paints possibly on the handles and legs you can use these paints on many surfaces such as ceilings, walls, skirtings, radiators making them perfect for all round decorating. It has encouraged me to try these paints in many ways now

Find out more about Sophie James Paints

If you are interested in finding out more about these products, we have now just launched an Interior & Furniture Technique & Product Workshop with Sophie James Paints, where you have a chance to chat to Tony himself about Sophie James products. Learning about preparation, colour mixing your own paints and trying out their paints for yourself.