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Sophie James

Bright Silver Light Dynamics

Bright Silver Light Dynamics

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Perfect silver finish to create a harmonious colour scheme by choosing from a range of Sophie James Decor greys like Old landy, Old Ilford and Rockpool. 

Sophie James Light Dynamics Bright Silver is formulated to bend light within the film of paint, which separates the individual colour components creating a beautiful "two tone sparkly finish"

Whether you’re painting a wall or a piece of furniture you’ll find Sophie James paint gives unparalleled quality and exceptional durability proven from over 30 years commercial use.

We supply this paint in a range of sizes alongside a handy 100 ml size that is enough to paint a small piece of furniture!

Sophie James paints offer excellent coverage with a single coat offering 14 m²/l maximum coverage. If you require a second coat, the quick drying formula means you are able to paint 2 coats in 2 hours

Paint shades and colours may vary from those on screen, order one of our peel and stick swatches to find the colour that’s right for you.

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